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Did Abby Lee Miller finally change her ways and show us something new? Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 28 set out to answer that.

Spoiler alert: She’s still Abby Lee.

Watch Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 28 Online
Watch Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 28 Online

If you watch Dance Moms online, you know that Miller is out of control nearly all of the time … when she bothers to show up, that is.

Well, it could really start to cost her.

Tuesday, we saw the controlling Miller punish the minis for their poor performance and give the first solos of the season to the elites.

Playing both sides, often abrasively, carries is own elements of risk, however, and there are plenty of individual conflicts to go around.

For one, Jill is worried that Kendall’s music is not being distributed as she would like, so she wants to terminate her contract with Miller.

You can imagine how that goes over.

Abby Lee Miller is the Worst

"We have to be prepared for a messed up pyramid," Jill warns all the moms, "because I had my attorney send Abby’s lawyer a letter."

Because she had to tell Miller via her lawyer that she will be "terminating her contract as Kendall’s music manager,” well … watch out.

Abby then unveils the the mini pyramid and moves on to the elite pyramid; Jojo is at the bottom and Jessalyn is not happy about this.

What. So. Ever.

As the dust settles from that, Abby tells the team that the will be doing a group routine inspired by the video game craze known as Minecraft.

Abby also tells them that there will be three solos: Kelani, Jojo and … Kendall. Jill didn’t see that one coming, and wonders what the catch is.

Abby Lee Miller on the Red Carpet

"Something is up," she says.

"We dissolve our contract with Abby and she gives my child a solo? However, this is a gift and I refuse to look a gift in the mouth.”

Good attitude there.

Abby then moves on to destroy the minis, telling them flat out, “You only won the competition because there was no one else to compete."

"Had there been others there with you you would not have won. Because of your poor performance you will not be dancing this week.”


Abby Lee Miller Laying Down The Law

The minis are shocked, and crushed. The elites? Elated that they will be getting all of Abby’s attention. Not that it’s all gonna be positive.

It never is … and it’s not like the mini moms are going to go quietly, either. Jill eventually tells them to "leave so that we can work with Abby.”

Not mincing words, Jill Vertes. So cold and cutthroat.

As elite girls are rehearsing their group routine, the moms are concerned that they’re being set up to fail, as time and preparation are short.

Ashlee asks Jill, “When has Abby ever given Kendall the solo that you wanted with the music that you wanted? Why do you think she did that?”

It’s a fair question.

Having let that sink in for a second, Jill asks her, “Why?”

Ashlee says, “She wants to stay on your good side."

Good luck with that. Follow the above links to watch Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 28 in full and see how it all played out from there.