Chelsea Handler Looks Half Her Damn Age After Laser Facial: See the Insane Pics!

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Chelsea Handler dropped an Instagram bombshell of a look, and the before and after pic is absolutely nuts.

Handler is 41 years old and, if you're all into this pic like we are, you probably think she easily looks half her age (we sure do).

The photo's caption read, "Before and after," and hashtagged it #profractional, a laser skin procedure.

Chelsea Handler's laser facial

She shared the photo below just 22 hours after the crazy before and after pic, and she looked nearly as good ...

... except for when she moved her face for the photo op and showed that her 41-year-old appearance, though just fine, isn't too far removed from what it was prior to the surgery.

Um, ouch? 

Chelsea Handler post-facial photo

If she really wanted to go ahead and shock the public, though, perhaps she might've considered something a little more drastic—but we have a feeling there's no such thing as laser personality treatments.

Too bad, so very sad. 

We'd say "sign us up," but truth be told, we're not entirely sure we want our outsides to reflect Chelsea Handler's insides. In fact, the mere idea scares the hell out of us all.

Speaking of cosmetic procedures, and gouging out our eyeballs with hot spoons (sorry, did we not mention that bit?), this isn't the first time Chelsea's been linked to those sorts of "beauty modifications," as y'all probably know.

All we have to say is "boobs, boobs, boobs."

Chelsea Handler nude selfie

You've seen Chelsea Handler's boobs likely more than she has - or at least as many times as 50 Cent has - and though she continually tries to dispel rumors that she had the girls done, pictures and rumors speak for themselves (it's generally a cackling, clapping kind of sound).

Handler even went as far as to show off her bare breasts in a social media snap to dispel rumors - hence that "laser personality treatment" being on our Christmas wish list this year.

Hey - dreams can come true, right? 

All in all, she looks great. She really and truly does. And we're also very appreciative that she's sharing classier photos beyond posing naked with world leaders.

We don't need anymore reasons to have such graphic nightmares anymore, after all.

(Sorry—all the sorries.) 

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