Brad Pitt's Sons: You're a Disappointment as a Father!

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Brad Pitt isn't, perhaps, making the familial progress that he hopes. 

In a new report, Pitt is slammed for being a "disappointment" in his sons' eyes, and really, it doesn't get much bleaker than that. 

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Reports have emerged that Brad Pitt had an opportunity to take his sons to a Sublime/Offspring concert, but backed out at the last minute, leaving them heartbroken and devastated. 

In light of recent facts that Pitt's face time with the boys - as well as the rest of the Brangelina brood - is extremely limited, this sounds like very bad news for the actor. 

Pax and Maddox, Brangelina's two eldest boys, were said to be "crushed" when their dad pulled out of their concert plans last-minute. 

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Hollywood Life reports that a source revealed, "Brad disappointed his older boys this [past] weekend when he was unable to take them to see their favorite punk bands, The Offspring and Sublime in a concert in Los Angeles."  

"Pax and Maddox were with Brad at their Los Feliz home over the weekend, and super excited about going with their father to see a huge rock & roll show," she source added. 

"Brad promised the two he would take them months prior to his split from Angelina." 

"[He] intended on taking the boys, too, but at the last minute - by recommendations from his security team - Brad thought it best to stay home," it was revealed. 

"[This left the boys] absolutely crushed. 

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The report also claimed that the boys aren't taking things between their estranged parents well at all. 

"The boys are young and are having a hard time understanding everything that is happening with their parents," the source continued.

"They want to know why they can't just carry on with life normally." 

"[Maddox and Pax] are sad and confused, but at least they have been able to spend more time with Brad lately, and that has been good for them." 

Brangelina, Pre-Divorce

Perhaps things might be a little bit easier if their mother weren't bent on a damaging smear campaign against their father, but hey.  

Isn't that what Angelina's really like underneath all of that humanitarian work? 

Nobody ever died from smoking pot - and few people have probably flipped out on their children after being that "chilled out."  

Further, if Brad had a drinking problem, you'd think that Jolie would support him and encourage him to go to rehab - and not pull the rug out from underneath him, blind-siding him with a divorce he didn't want and trying to take his children away from him. 

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