Brad Pitt: Fighting Angelina for Sole Custody?!

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It's been just about a month now since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, and it seems like things have gotten worse with each passing day.

The first thing we heard was that Brad's alleged drug use and drinking was what caused Angelina to pull the plug on the couple's long relationship.

And then, heartbreaking though it was, it came out that Brad was being investigated for child abuse after an incident on a plane.

Brangelina, Pre-Divorce

Brad was said to have struck his oldest son, Maddox, though reports vary on whether or not he actually meant to hit the boy.

There's also been countless claims that Brad was cheating on Angelina, and she filed for divorce after she found out.

If you'll notice, all these stories point to Brad being the bad guy here. He hasn't really defended himself, and he even agreed to undergo random drug testing as part of the temporary custody agreement, so it's been easy to assume that whatever happened, it was largely Brad's fault.

But according to this new report, Brad has just been biding his time. And things are about to get downright nasty.

Brad Pitt at Maleficent Premiere

A source states that while the L.A.Department of Children and Family Services is still looking into the incident on the plane, the investigation will be over soon. And when that happens, Brad is going to fight for sole custody of the kids.

Apparently Brad would have been fine with sharing custody with Angelina, but since she's not willing to do that, he's taking an "all or nothing" approach.

"Brad's taking the kids," the source says. "And it's Angie's worst nightmare."


The source explains that Angie isn't "receptive" to the idea of joint custody "because she's insisting on having sole physical custody. Angie knows that the only way she can punish Brad is by using the kids in her bitter battle with him."

Angelina Jolie, All Smiles

"It's a very sick game she's playing, and she could end up losing everything."

If you don't understand how Brad could possibly end up with sole custody after everything that's been said about him lately, well, this insider can explain that, too.

"While Angie's camp has continued to spread lies about him and make him sound like a monster and an unfit parent, he's refused to go dirty on her in the media. But in front of a judge, it will be another story."

"Brad has compiled a complete dossier on Angelina," the source continues, "of the serious mental health issues she has dealt with over the years. He is saving all of the pertinent and necessary information for the battle in court, where it matters."

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Image

"He'll go after Angelina and expose her psychological demons, show how she puts the children in dangerous situations when she visits war-torn countries and more."

"He'll be proven as the furthest thing from the villain she's tried to paint him to be," the source concludes. "He's ready for her, He can and will refute all her claims in family court. He won't let her take those children from him."

Remember when Brangelina was proof that true love was real, when their love and beauty made the world just a little bit brighter?

What happened?

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