Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian: The Furious French Fry Fight!

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As has been well documented over the years, Rob Kardashian has a problem with food.

He often eats too much of it and consequently gains a lot of weight.

In the following clip from Rob & Chyna, however, Rob Kardashian has a problem with food in a different context:

Blac Chyna spills a lot of it in the car!

On the next episode of Rob & Chyna, E!'s horribly scripted reality show, Rob and his pregnant fiancee will be driving when they stop to pick up some fast food.

Fair enough, right? No big deal or anything. Until...

Rob's french fries accidentally fall. And the couple gets into a huge fight about it.

In the above sneak peek, we witness Chyna sitting and chilling in the passenger's seat, taking out the grub while Rob is behind the wheel.

When the car makes a turn, however, the fries plummet to the floor, leaving Rob pretty darn annoyed that Chyna was holding on to her phone with one hand instead of holding on to the food with both hands.

This is a serious issue, people.

The Blac Chyna Stare

"You gotta choose one, the food or your phone, either or," Rob tells Chyna. "Either or, what's more important?"

Food or one's phone. It's the eternal question that has always vexed mankind.

And it did not make Chyna very happy.

"These are my fries, those was your fries," she replies.

"Yeah I know, I'm saying you gotta choose one," Rob says.

This is an actual conversation. When you watch Rob & Chyna online or on television next week, you'll see for yourself.

The writers may need a vacation. They need some time off to refresh their brains and refine their scripts, clearly.

Rob then asks Chyna if she's "gonna help out" to pick up the fries.

"I didn't see that sh-t falling, God you gotta relax," she responds.

And why wasn't Rob holding his own food, she asks?!?

Blac Chyna Testimonial

"Yo you have serious anger issues," Rob tells his fiancee, which is a great thing to say to a pregnant woman.

We wonder why these two have so many issues.

Take a look at the video above to see the tandem's fight escalate and also to see Rob call Chyna a "psycho."

Below, meanwhile, is another clip from the upcoming installment.

It features Rob delivering some rather huge news to Chyna regarding his health.

Is it good news? Bad news? Find out now:

Blac Chyna is due to give birth any day now.

We know she and Rob will be welcoming a girl into the world, and we may even know her name.

Can you envision these two as parents? Neither can we, not really. It's a pretty frightening prospect.

But perhaps a new life will give the relationship a fresh start. Perhaps both side will need they need to act like mature role models for their child, as opposed to arguing over the spilling of french fries.

Because we hate to break it to Rob and Chyna, but their daughter will be spilling A LOT of food for a good number of years.

They better get used to this situation.

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