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If you follow this link watch Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? online, you’ll notice an utterly ridiculous, unnecessary question mark in the show title.

But, to paraphrase Morpheus … WHAT IF WE TOLD YOU it wasn’t an absurd inclusion of punctuation after all, but a harbinger of things to come?!

What we’re saying is their happily ever after is in doubt people.

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Watch Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Season 1 Episode 1 Online

Yes, the couple got engaged on the finale of The Bachelor and now have the first-ever Bachelor spinoff devoted to a couple from the franchise.

You could say that life hasn’t been coming up roses, though.

According to an In Touch magazine source, the two have been having problems from the beginning, and "their issues are getting worse."

While Becca Tilley defended JoJo Fletcher after the premiere implied that Ben might still be into his Bachelor runner-up, issues remain.

Major ones. Some insiders say a split could be imminent.

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Recently, the duo hit Las Vegas to celebrate a joint bachelorette and bachelor party … even though they don’t have a wedding date set.

Says a source close to the couple during the weekend:

"They spent no time together during taping breaks. They were posting pictures on social media with guests, but didn’t take any together."

The insider explained that the two have "been struggling to keep the relationship afloat," adding that those efforts are "failing miserably."

Ben and Lauren have admitted to seeking therapy.

While that’s not necessarily a sign that their "struggles" mean imminent doom, it does feed into the narrative that things aren’t wonderful.

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If you missed the premiere, it was very clear that Lauren was nervous about being there at the After the Final Rose taping … for JoJo.

The whole scene felt contrived to create a sense of tension between Ben and Lauren, which could be where a lot of these rumors stem from.

Ben told Lauren early and often that he wants her to be happy, but taking her to see JoJo Fletcher sure is an odd way of showing that.

Obviously, they’re filming a reality TV show here.

You can’t believe everything you see, we know. Also, they are by all accounts a relatively boring couple (sorry, Ben, Lauren and Freeform).

So producers are stretching a bit. We get that.

Still, there’s nothing to suggest that these two are in a good place – unlike, say, JoJo and Jordan, they rarely show us any happy moments.

Don’t stick a fork in them yet, but stay tuned.