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Lauren Bushnell was pegged as Ben Higgins’ final rose winner by The Bachelor spoilers from the moment the ABC show aired in 2016.

Actually, a long time prior to that. Reality Steve #NAILEDIT!

Whether you’re a spoiler junkie or not, and whether you were Team Lauren or Team Jojo Fletcher, there’s no question she was #1 for Ben.

A native of Oregon, but currently living in L.A., Bushnell works as flight attendant – when she’s not making Ben’s heart soar to new heights!

Ugh. Sorry for that epic cheesiness. But it’s kind of true.

She’s a devout Christian and a business major, and naturally, she’s very pretty. No wonder Ben fell for her fast and hard on the show.

Think they’ll last? The Bachelor’s track record is murky.

And by murky, we mean pretty g-d awful to be honest. Yet, there’s something about these two that we feel might buck the trend hard.

Take a look at the photo gallery below and see why!