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Two-time Bachelor alum Becca Tilley took to Twitter to defend JoJo Fletcher following the premiere of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?

Why? She felt Ben and Lauren’s Bachelor spinoff portrayed JoJo, his runner-up before they got engaged, in a less than flattering light.

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Watch Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Season 1 Episode 1 Online

The Freeform reality show debuted on Tuesday and featured Lauren stressing out after producers invited her to The Bachelorette finale.

She and Ben were both asked to attend the After the Final Rose taping for Fletcher, who went on to star on The Bachelor’s sister series.

Why would that be such a big deal?

Because Lauren evidently worried that there was a spark between Ben and JoJo, and that a face-to-face meeting would rekindle the passion.

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Higgins did tell both Bushnell and Fletcher he loved them late in his season, which is rare for the franchise, but was she actually concerned?

Enter Becca Tilley (above), The Bachelor runner-up on Chris Soules’ season who returned for a second (failed) shot at love with Ben.

Becca became close with JoJo, who she says has completely moved on with fiancé Jordan Rodgers, her Bachelorette final rose winner.

Tilley tweeted with an eye-rolling emoji last night:

“Pretty sure JoJo is over Ben. Pretty sure Ben is over JoJo. Pretty sure Lauren & JoJo are friends. And pretty sure producers pushed that."

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Fletcher agreed, responding in the affirmative:

"I’m pretty sure you’re right Rebecca!”

Bushnell, for her part, confirmed that despite the tension depicted on the reality show, it’s all good now between her and Fletcher.

When a Twitter user asked if the twosome are still friends these days, she responded: “Yes. Never let a man get in the way of a friendship.”

Don’t let a friendship get in the way of making people watch Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After online with a contrived storyline, either.

Another viewer asked after the premiere if the rest of the season was going to be all about Fletcher, and she assured the fan, “def not!"

However, the end of the episode teased Ben and Lauren heading to a potentially awkward lunch with JoJo and Jordan during their L.A. trip.

How will that turn out? Can their romance survive?!

Obviously, but we’ll be tuning in to Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? on Freeform just like they want us to, because we can’t help it.

That’s how they get us every time.