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Back in August, Bella Thorne came out as bisexual after a Twitter user asked point-blank if she’s attracted to women.

The question wasn’t entirely unprovoked, as it was the result of a photo that showed Bella kissing a female friend that the actress posted on Instagram.

In the weeks since her casual coming out, Bella has been admirably candid in opening up about her experiences being bisexual in Hollywood.

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She claims she’s experienced prejudice both blatant and subtle, and says the experience has given her a greater appreciation for men and women who have paved the way by coming out before her.

Bella credits Kristen Stewart and other famous members of LGBTQ community with leading by example and giving her the strength to come out.

She’s also stated that she hopes young people of every gender and orientation will feel more accepting and more accepted as more public figures come forward as anything than 100% heterosexual.

Bella opened up about her sexuality and her career in a recent interview with Maxim, telling the men’s mag that she didn’t think twice about answering honestly when asked about her attraction to women:

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"I didn’t even think about it," Thorne said. "A fan on Twitter asked me, and I’m super open about it. So I just said, “Yeah!”

Asked about the backlash she’s experienced as a result of coming out, Bella replied:

"It is hard in this business for us. It really is. I have already had people talk shit to me.

"And it comes from people in the industry, not even fans. I’ve had studios tell me my image is too “out there,” hinting at it but not really saying it.

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This is still Maxim we’re talking about, so naturally, Bella was asked about her female crushes:

"Demi Lovato. I must say…rawrrrr," Thorne said.

"She is a pretty toasty woman. Miley Cyrus, too. She’s dope. But Demi is fire, just fire."

Is "toasty" legitimate new slang for "hot," or is it something Bella just made up?

At the moment, Bella is dating Tyler Posey, but we’re guessing the actor doesn’t mind if his girl joins him in ogling Demi Lovato.

It’s basically the duty of all red-blooded Americans.