Bella Thorne: I Came Out Because of Kristen Stewart!

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Yesterday, actress and social media celeb Bella Thorne revealed that she's bisexual in the most casual way possible.

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When a fan asked if Bella is attracted to women as well as men, Bella replied simply, "Yes."

Thankfully, the news was met with an outpouring of support from fans.

Of course, Bella has millions of social media followers, and she's a staple in the world of celebrity gossip, so the requisite Internet sleuthing began almost immediately.

First an interesting rumor that Bella is dating her brother's ex-girlfriend began to circulate on social media.

Bella Thorne Kisses a Girl!

It's not entirely baseless, as Bella's unofficial coming out pic (above) shows her locking lips with her bro's ex, who happens to also be named Bella.

The odd situation makes slightly more sense when you realize that Bella's from Florida.

Just kidding, Floridians!

Anyway, a less scandalous, but equally random, rumor has emerged in the wake of Bella's coming out, this one involving Kristen Stewart.

No, sadly, they're not dating.

If Kristen Stewart started dating a girl named Bella, the squeals from the global legions of Twihards would alert you immediately.

However, Bella reports indicate that Stewart may have played a role in Bella's decision to come out.

“Bella was inspired by her contemporary Kristen to reveal her sexual preference,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“While she doesn’t know Kristen personally, Bella admires her bravery and the way she has dealt with the media intrusion with her personal life,” the insider claims.

“Like Kristen, Bella feels we live in a day and age now where who you hook up with is irrelevant when it comes to your career.”

The source adds that Bella looks up to K-Stew in more ways than one:

“Kristen has thrived in recent years, making some bold career choices professionally and Bella sees her as a role model.”

Interestingly, Bella just announced that she's producing a vampire movie for Lifetime called Drink, Slay, Love.

So was she happy to embrace the Kristen connection because it adds an interesting asterisk to the title she's promoting, or is that the reason why someone made this whole thing up?

We don't know, but there are way more Bellas and vampires involved in this whole thing than we ever could've anticipated.

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