The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Recap: The Aftermath

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On The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 Episode 23, part three of the reunion, the fall's most iconic moments were revisited.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you've seen a lot of drunk Sonja Morgan this season (and other seasons).

Well, kiss those days goodbye!

Or so she claims. Morgan insists she no longer drinks alcohol ... except a sip of wine here and there if she happens to be "out and about."

So her drinking days are OVER. Mostly. Kind of. Fewer nights getting absolutely plowed by herself for no reason at all at least?Progress.

Speaking of Sonja, Bethenny Frankel actually apologized to Morgan on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 Episode 23.

Frankel famously came at her HARD over the origins of her “TipsyGirl” name, and Dorinda was quick to remind her how much she sucked.

Meanwhile, Dorinda brought up the Berkshires night, which brought Sonja - who was not invited of course - to tears. Not happy tears.

Sonja walked out, half-heartedly.

Asked by host Andy Cohen why she called Dorinda an idiot, Frankel explained that she believes Dorinda feigns ignorance far too often.

Then it was time for THE MAIN EVENT, or Tom cheating on Luann with a random girl that Bethenny somehow got photo evidence of.

Under attack for her handling of the situation, Bethenny got up to walk away, only to curtail that and explain why she went and told Luann.

Regardless of what Bethenny did, or didn't do wrong, Luann got down to business and revealed what Tom REALLY did that night.

Or so she claims.

To hear Luann tell it, he got drunk, went to a bar, and happened to run into an old girlfriend who was “ready and willing” to kiss him.

She doesn’t blame the woman, however, and sees Tom as someone who “made a mistake,” even as his call to Dorinda is also rehashed.

“What would you do if he did this again? What if he did it a month ago?” Ramona asks, only slightly dancing around what we're all thinking.

Luann wasn't taking any bait, though.

Explaining to everyone why she loves Tom, she summed up their relationship thusly: “We love the same sports; he’s a male version of me.”

Sounds awesome.

Pressed to name Tom's deeper qualities (if they exist) by Ramona, she ... got faux offended and didn't really address that question.

Asked to name something she regrets this season, Luann ignored the cheating scandal and says she wishes she didn’t have a fight with Tom.

Love is blind.

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