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There’s something authentic about Sonja Morgan, as medicated as she may seem.  

She’s equal parts luxury and Eurotrash, will sport an impeccable chignon while talking about getting sh**faced at a club, and will tell you how many benefits/galas/cocktail parties she throws in a year.

Yes, you may have to gently push a plastic cup of water into her hand towards the end of the night for sobriety purposes, but at least she didn’t make 64 digs at you like someone we know.

Morgan is a well-traveled lady to who knows how to give a compliment.  For example, she took one look at a tented dinner organized by Luann de Lesseps in the Moroccan desert and said,  “I haven’t been a tent like this since I was invited by the King of Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War.”

That’s better than the best YELP review.