Ryan Lochte: Handed 10 Month Suspension for Lying!

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Ryan Lochte has finally been told what is going to happen in the wake of his big lie. 

If you recall, Lochte lied about being robbed at gun point while in Rio for the 2016 Olympics. 

Yes, it may be a month ago, but any story that includes the likes of Lochte, is pretty forgettable. 

Ryan Lochte Visits Planet Hollywood

Lochte claimed he and another three swimmers were in a cab and were ordered to the ground at gunpoint. 

It all sounded super far fetched. Even the Brazilian police thought so. 

That's why they done some digging of their own and tried to haul Lochte in for questioning. 

The swimmer could probably win a gold medal for running, because he bolted all the way back to the U.S. before Brazilian officials could get him in for questioning. 

Ryan Lochte and Matt Lauer

He also knew he screwed up when the other guys ratted him out. 

Basically, Lochte damaged a sign and he was forced to cough up some money to go towards the repair. 

It took the police grilling the other guys to get to the truth.

Would it have even came out if all four of the men managed to flee home?

There's a huge chance we wouldn't have got the full story. 

That's kind of what happens with celebrity scandals. They grow arms and legs until we get the facts. 

The fact in this case is that Lochte is a liar and has ruined his reputation. 

His lies cost him endorsements, fans (yes, even we're surprised he had any to begin with) and his credibility. 

There are multiple reports that Ryan has been handed a 10 month suspension

That means his career is probably not ending and it gives him time off from swimming to participate on Dancing With the Stars

Hey, he had to get money from somewhere to recoup the losses from those endorsements. 

Where does that leave him with his crime?

Jail is still a possibility, but that's only if Lochte chooses to return to Rio. 

His offense is not extraditable, but might he go in order to save face?

Considering his half assed apology when his lie went nuclear, don't bet on it. 

Remember that time Michael Phelps was suspended for two DUIs?

Michael Phelps Attends MTV VMAs

If you recall, he was suspended for six months, so apparently putting lives in danger is not as big a crime as lying. 

The whole thing is pretty bizarre, but there's word that Lochte's ban came after much deliberation. 

What do you think about all of this?

Should his he have been suspended for longer?

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