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If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that Leah Messer loves her cigs.

Leah’s prone to episodes of panic, and it’s not uncommon for anxious people to use smoking as a coping mechanism.

But her girls are old enough now to take their behavioral cues from their mother, and incidents of certain diseases are higher amongst kids whose mothers or father smoke, even if the parents never light up in the home.

Leah Messer Smoking

So Leah has decided to do what’s best for herself and her kids by putting the Marlboros down for good.

Or has she?

Yesterday, Leah posted the following video of herself dramatically setting fire to a pack of cigarettes on Instagram.

"Never again," she intoned. "New journeys!"

She wrote on the video:

"It’s time I take that step! #StrongMind Cigerettes [sic] are bad for us & our families #Goodbye"

In case you somehow still didn’t pick up on what she was trying to say, Leah captioned the post:

“So over this bad habit. It’s not healthy for me or my household."

"What role model for my daughters would I be to keep smoking? So I’m finally saying goodbye to cigarettes!”

Leah Messer: Solo Photo

You heard it here first, folks:

Cigarettes: not all that great for your health!

Of course, Leah has been busted lying to fans in the past, so it’s not surprising that some of her followers have taken to the comments to express their doubts about whether or not she’s really breaking up with tobacco.

The fact that Teen Mom 2 is currently filming Season 7B (It’s not called Season 8 for legal reasons.) doesn’t help her case.

The long-running MTV series is no different from other reality shows in that it sometimes creates storylines for its "characters" when their day-to-day lives are simply too uneventful.

Many believe that producers have "soft-scripted" a "Leah quits smoking" storyline for this season.

What a HOT MESS(er)

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that the 25-year-old mother of three piled on the BS for the benefit of viewers.

Just last season, Leah hid her relationship with T.R. Dues (even though the two of them were reportedly living together!) presumably because it didn’t fit in with that season’s story arc.

We may never know how far Leah went to keep that relationship under wraps.

If she’s lying about quitting smoking, however, she probably won’t be able to keep that secret from fans for very long.

Even living in rural West Virginia, Leah is a favorite target for paps.

And unless she really quits, it’ll only be a matter of time before she lights up in public.