Leah Messer: Hiding Boyfriend T.R. Dues From MTV?

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If you watched the season finale of Teen Mom 2 last night, you know that Leah Messer enjoyed a somewhat happy ending.

Sure, she refused to talk to Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson about custody of her twin girls, but post-rehab Leah seemed healthier and more vibrant than she has in years.

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Leah moved into a new home and talked excitedly about her future, telling her cousin Chasity, “My life’s never been on a schedule ever, and for once, I got to get myself on a schedule so I can get my kids on a schedule."

But fans who follow Leah's life closely may have noticed that something was missing.

At the time the episode was filmed, Leah was already dating T.R. Dues. In fact, Leah and T.R. moved in together after she left rehab. 

It's odd for a show that celebrates drama to ignore such a major development in Leah's life, and many fans are now wondering what gives.

It's possible that Dues doesn't want to participate in the series, but it's strange that he wasn't even mentioned by Leah or any of her friends or family members.

The reason may be that at the time the episode was filmed Leah was trying to hide her new relationship from Jeremy Calvert.

“When mutual friends told Jeremy about this new guy, he called Leah and flipped out for letting a stranger hang around Addie,” a source tells Radar Online.

“Leah initially denied the relationship, saying that they’re not official, but then confessed that something’s going on.”

Someone should inform Leah that starring in a reality series and living a double life are not activities that go well together.

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