Leah Messer Accuses Corey Simms of Cheating on His Wife in New Teen Mom 2 Clip

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If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, then you know this season hasn't exactly been kind to the pride of the Mountaineer State, Leah Messer.

Well, it's not about to get any kinder anytime soon.

We saw Leah's drug problem - whether she admits it or not - worsen as her life spiraled out of control on the sixth season of the MTV hit.

She spent a lot of the time in denial, but visibly demonstrated some seriously questionable judgment on more than a few occasions.

Things even got so bad that Leah's ex-husbands joined forces in order to figure out the best way to ensure their children's safety.

The finale saw Messer completing rehab and moving into a new home, but there are things that need to be worked out. A LOT of things.

As you can see from this preview for the upcoming second installment of the show's reunion special, she's still got a lot of issues.

In response to an accusation that she's jealous of Corey Simms' new wife, Miranda, Leah goes off and accuses Simms of cheating.

“Never in my life would I be jealous of Miranda," Leah says. "Where were you at during your first couple months of marriage?"

Adds Leah, "Hitting me up!"

Whoa. Say what?!

It's been rumored that Leah and Corey were caught having sex while he was married to Miranda, so perhaps she's not just blowing smoke?!

Given her track record, and flair for the dramatic, too, it feels like there's at least a decent chance that Leah is telling the truth here.

One thing we do no for sure:

By calling her ex out on TV, then hiding behind her "safe word" when she's accused of lying, there is never a dull moment with Messer ...

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