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Now that Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are engaged, Jinger’s father, Jim Bob, may have to take a backseat to Jeremy as the most important man in his daughter’s life.

Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo Engagement Photo

Seeing one of his daughters leave the nest is always bittersweet for fathers, but in Jim Bob’s case, there’s an added layer of complexity.

In the Duggars’ world women are the property of the men in their lives. 

Cherished property, but property, nonetheless.

And it seems Jim Bob may have some misgivings about parting ways with one of his prized possessions.

Based on what we know about Vuolo, he sounds like the ideal candidate to marry a Duggar daughter.

As a former pro soccer player, Jeremy is at least moderately successful.

As a preacher, he’s proven that he’s devoutly religious (a big plus in Duggar Land).

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo

And as a guy with no known sex scandals, he offers yet another distraction from Josh Duggar and his parents’ efforts to hide his crimes from the authorities.

So Jim Bob should be almost as in love with Jeremy as his daughter is, and yet…

If you watch Counting On online, you know that appearances by Jim Bob and wife Michelle are rare on the Duggars’ second-chance reality show.

In fact, a recent cameo by Jim Bob and Michelle stirred up major controversy on social media, as fans were assured that if the Duggars were brought back to television, the controversial parents would not appear on camera.

Now it looks as though Jim Bob is back again in the new episode set to air on Tuesday night – and it seems he’s not going easy on Jinger’s new man.

Those who have seen the episode say it features a painfully awkward scene in which Jim Bob tells Jeremy that he will not allow his daughter to move out of Arkansas to Laredo, Texas, where Vuolo currently resides.


Insiders say the scene was shot several months ago, and while Jeremy and Jinger still aren’t married, the matter of where they’ll be living has been decided.

And it seems this is one battle that Jim Bob has lost decisively.

Several sources claim Jinger is packed and ready to relocate to Texas once she and Jeremy are hitched.

(There’s no "living in sin" in the Duggar clan.)

On the surface, Jeremy seems to sport the kind of "mild mannered nearly to the point of lobotomized" personality that the Duggars prefer.

But based on his latest coup, it looks as though he may have a stronger will under that exterior than we thought.

Looks like Jim Bob may have finally met his match.