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Earlier this week, several media outlets reported that the Duggar kids are planning to quit reality TV.

The family generally doesn’t respond to tabloid rumors, even (or perhaps especially) when they turn out to be true.

But in a surprise move, the clan took to their blog yesterday to respond to rumors about their future with TLC.

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If you follow the family closely you may be aware that advertisers have been fleeing the Duggars in droves ever since news of the first Josh Duggar sex scandal went public.

That trend recently led to talk that TLC planned to cut ties with the Duggars, but planned to give the family an opportunity to make a graceful public exit and pretend that the end of the business relationship was their idea.

Now, the Duggars say there’s no truth to those rumors, and they don’t foresee any end to their careers as reality stars.

Typically, Duggar blog entries are written in the singular first person, with the authors identifying themselves as members of the family,

In this case, however, the post read more like a press release from the family’s PR team:

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“As we approach the eight episode of Counting On, season two, the tabloids are circulating a rumor that the Duggar siblings are quitting reality TV,” the blog reads.

“Is it true? Not in the slightest. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children have no plans to leave TLC.”

The post went on to promote last night’s episode of Counting On, which featured the start of the trip on which Jeremy Vuolo popped the question to Jinger Duggar.

In a sense it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the Duggars remain committed to the medium that made them famous…

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But in a way, it was somewhat of a bold move for the Duggars to announce that they definitively have no plans to leave the network that made them famous.

Now, if their show gets canceled, the family can’t pretend that it was their decision.

Of course, even if TLC decides to cut ties, we’re sure the Counting On clan will bounce back.

There are a lot of basic cable networks out there these days.

And for all their scandals, the Duggars can still be counted on to deliver at least modest ratings.