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Tuesday on Counting On Season 3 Episode 6, Ben Seewald joined forces with NFL stars to give back to the Northwest Arkansas community.

Also, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo planned a trip to New York City. Come along as THG recaps all of these key events and more.

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“Sports can be a great avenue to invest in kid’s lives,” Ben told producers in the not-so-articulate fashion fans have come to know and love.

Ben is usually a source of boundless optimism for wife Jessa and the other people in his life, but last night’s episode featured a rare moment of self-doubt for the 21-year-old.

“If the camp doesn’t go well, I’m going to feel pretty bad,” Ben said at one point.

Fortunately, with the help of former Steelers and Colts linebacker Steve Conley, the camp went off without a hitch.

Crisis of self-confidence averted!

The Ben Seewald Workout

Elsewhere in the episode, Jinger Duggar prepared for a trip to the East Coast with fiance Jeremy Vuolo.

Of course, this was before Jinger and Jeremy got engaged

So yes, Jinger traveled with a whole crew of chaperones (Michelle, Jessa, Ben, and even Baby Spurgeon).

The Duggar devoted may have already known this as the trip that prompted Jinger’s hair crisis.

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More importantly, however, it’s also the trip on which Jeremy popped the question.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see that moment in last night’s installment.

But that doesn’t mean the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

If you watch Jill & Jessa Counting On online, you are keenly aware that Jeremy has already made his intentions very clear to Jim Bob Duggar and the rest of Jinger’s family.

Just to drive the point home, he made certain to point out that he was packing the ring that he and JB had picked out for the occasion.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jim Bob Duggar Try Out Rings

“I’ve got a small surprise for Jinger you could say,” Jeremy told the cameras with a smirk.

Ben told the cameras, “Jinger has no idea what’s coming for her!”

We think she might have an inkling Ben.

Y’all haven’t exactly been subtle in keeping in plotting this little surprise.

Jeremy Vuolo with Jinger Duggar on Counting On

In other contrived plot lines, Jana Duggar set out to redecorate the guesthouse in preparation for Jill and Derick returning from abroad.

Hey, other people have to do something while the Jinger and Jeremy show marches on, right?

It’s reaching the point that Jinger’s siblings might be more eager for her to just go ahead and get married than she is.

On second thought, no one is more eager for Jinger’s wedding than Jinger is.

In fact, it’s possible that no one has ever been more eager for anything than Jinger is for her wedding.

We can’t say we blame her.

The girl’s 22 and her physical contact with the opposite sex has been limited to side hugs.

Should be a fun wedding night. Just sayin’.