Chris Brown vs. Baylee Curran: Who Do You Believe?

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Move over, Kim Kardashian versus Taylor Swift.

There's a new feud in Hollywood, and this one has come out with guns blazing.

Literally, according to one of the participants.

And the Winner is?

Chris Brown says he did not hold a gun to Baylee Curran's head. Baylee Curran says he did. Who do you believe? View Poll »

On Tuesday morning, Baylee Curran paid a visit to Chris Brown's house.

This much does not appear to be in dispute.

She spent time with a friend in Brown's hot tub and then went inside the mansion.

This also appears to be agreed upon by both parties.

But then the stories diverge, with Curran claiming she tried to get a close look at a diamond necklace, only for Brown to flip the eff out.

Like, REALLY flip out.

The former beauty pageant winner told authorities and then various media outlets that Brown pulled a gun on her and demanded she leave his home.

Curran obeyed, called 911 and caused a standoff to take place for the next 14 hours after police arrived on the scene and Brown refused to let cops into his house.

At one point, he reportedly dropped a bag full of guns and drugs out the window. Yet he still remained inside.

After a lot of back and forth, along with some crazy Chris Brown videos, authorities obtained a search warrant and finally arrested Brown.

He was taken into custody on the felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

A few hours later, Brown was released on $250,000 bail and his attorney has since gone on his own media tour, telling everyone who will listen that his client is innocent.

Through this same attorney, Brown has denied all allegations against him.

Heck, he's even released a new song!

Curran, meanwhile, has spoken to TMZ, Extra and E! News, making the most of her time in the spotlight and swearing that Brown really did stick a weapon on her face.

She says she feared for her life and his hand was on the trigger.

"I really do understand [why people think I'm doing it for publicity]...I don't understand why he's the victim now," Curran told E!, adding:

"Obviously he has a lot of support, a lot of fans who are going to back him up. I'm just some random girl that wants to be in the limelight.

"Although if I wanted the limelight in fame, I wouldn't have done it this way."

In the end, this comes down to a case of He Said/She Said.

(Brown also thinks it comes down to a lawyer who has a personal beef with him.)

That's why we've posted the poll at the top of this article. That's why we want to know what YOU think.

Do you assume Chris Brown is guilty, due to his past with Rihanna and his clear temper problem?

Do you think Curran is simply seeking attention with this accusation?

There aren't many other ways to interpret the situation here, right?

Either Brown is telling the truth or Curran is telling the truth.

Scroll up and let your voice be heard: Do you believe Chris Brown or Baylee Curran?

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