Chris Brown Rants, Raves: F-CK THE POLICE!

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Chris Brown did not beat any woman's face in with his bare fists this morning.

But he did possibly hold a gun up in front of a woman's face.

Chris Brown Instagram Still

As previously reported, Brown is a suspect in a criminal investigation after a woman called the police early this morning from his house.

The woman claims she and Brown got into an argument that escalated to the point where the singer actually pulled a gun on her.

All we know about the woman at the moment is that she is a former beauty pageant queen winner.

We also know that authorities arrived on the scene around 3 a.m. and, as of this writing, are still there.

And this is when things got REALLY weird.

For starters, Ray J and some other guests were also present.

The former Kim Kardashian sex tape partner was apparently getting a tattoo inside just prior to all Hell breaking loose.

TMZ reports that two "uninvited" women soon showed up, one of whom got into the aforementioned argument with Brown and called 911.

At some point, Ray J left the premises… was handcuffed by the cops… had his BMW seized… was let go... but was forced to take an Uber home.

That may be the greatest sentence we've ever written.

But anyway. Back to Brown:

Around 8:45 this morning, a SWAT team was summoned to the residence because police wanted to see if a gun that matched the woman’s description was, indeed, inside.

Then, at 9:20 this morning, Brown started sharing Instagram videos.

And each featured the artist getting more and more worked up as he talked, lending credence to anyone who believes Chris Brown just might have an ego and anger problem.

In the first Instagram video, he says he was sleeping the entire time and hasn't done anything wrong and, hey, wait a second:

When he calls the cops to deal with stalkers, they fail to show up.

But when some woman calls the cops to accuse him of something dastardly, they instantly appear? EFF THAT!

He then got even more pointed when it came to the police...

In the second video, Brown says this entire incident is just giving him "better publicity."

He then really goes off on the cops, saying they are the "worst gang in the world" and they're welcome to get a warrant and go inside his house if they want.

Until then, he has a message for the police: F-CK YOU!

Brown then endorsed his latest single before emphasizing over and over that he's a "real n-gger."

He went on to say he doesn't care about anyone out there, that we can all "suck a fart out of [his] ass" for all he cares.

But what Brown DOES care about is his name and integrity being defaced.

Which is hilarious because Chris Brown once bludgeoned Rihanna to a bloody pulp. He's been pretty good over the years at defacing his own name.

UPDATEInsiders tell TMZ that Brown remains in the house, but taunted police this morning by hurling a duffel bag out the window.

These insiders say the bag contains weapons and drugs of some kind.

"Come and get me," Brown allegedly told the cops while tossing the bag at their feet.

Here's to hoping they do and that Brown goes to jail for the rest of his natural born life.

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