Big Brother Spoilers: Veto & Final Nominations

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Big Brother is at the stage of the game that everything is getting ridiculously predictable. 

The Final Four alliance continued to make their presence felt in the house and it has caused multiple arguments. 

Natalie and James are pretty annoyed that Nicole and Corey ditched them to form an alliance with Paul and Victor. 

Natalie Negrotti

With that in mind, James has stabbed pretty much everyone he's been in an alliance with this summer, so there's that. 

James may be great at making people think their in the wrong, but really, he is the one in the wrong. 

It was great that Victor saw through all the lies on Sunday's episode. 

James and Natalie have pretty much been bickering non stop over the last few days in the house. 

This won't help their case to make a deal with someone else before one of them is evicted. 

Really, the only way to survive is to literally offer to settle for second place, but would either of them do that?

Michelle probably would have. 

James Huling

Secretly, Natalie resents James for making her trust Corey and Nicole. 

To an extent, I agree with her, but she kind of deserves what she's getting for putting her game in James' hands. 

How can she expect to go much further when all of her decisions have been made by James?

Granted, she did win a HOH competition, but she ultimately took what James said to heart and followed through on his plan. 

Basically, James won HOH that week. 

A lot was riding on the Veto competition for the couple. They could have one of them taken off the block. 

Sadly, regardless how it played out, there was no chance Victor would allow any of his alliance to go home. 

The Final Four is pretty solid for now, but that will change somewhat after next week. 

All of the houseguests competed in the veto competition, but James and Natalie were left disappointed when Corey managed to eke out a victory. 

This led to much bickering over who should be sent packing this week. Victor was very much against James. 

Thanks to Nicorey, they're saying James would be best to stay because he would be rattled by Natalie's departure. 

For now, it appears that Natalie is heading to the jury house on Thursday night, but things can change. 

James has been campaigning for Natalie to stay, but it's all for nothing right now. 

Paul Abrahamian
Victor Arroyo

Elsewhere, Paul and Victor had a chat about who they would take to final three with them and it's sounding like Nicole might be their ticket to the end. 

Nicole has not played much of a game, but she has a better chance of winning than Corey. 

It would be silly to take her to the end over Corey. Though she hasn't played a game, she has managed to float on through, while getting her targets out of the game. 

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18
Corey Brooks

That's got to count for something with the jurors. 

What do you think of the latest spoilers?

Who do you want to be evicted?

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