Ben Affleck: Caught Texting Jennifer Lopez Behind Jennifer Garner's Back?!

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After more than a year of rumors and on-again, off-again drama, it's become clear that even though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their separation back in the summer of 2015, the couple will probably never legally divorce.

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But that doesn't mean the tabloid media will stop speculating about what went wrong with Bennifer 2.0.

One of the rumors that seems to resurface about once a month is that Ben just couldn't let go of the original Jen in his life.

Yes, it was several lifetimes ago in pop culture years, but Affleck dated Jennifer Lopez from 2002 to 2004.

Last year, rumors about Affleck flirting with Lopez circulated online after the couple was spotted chatting at an Oscars after-party.

Naturally, these were followed by reports that Lopez was responsible for Affleck and Garner's breakup.

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Recently, Lopez broke up with Casper Smart, and to the surprise of no one, rumors that J-Lo was secretly hooking up with Jen surfaced yet again.

Now, the ever-reliable Star magazine is taking things a step further, claiming that Garner caught Ben messaging Lopez behind her back while the two of them were celebrating Affleck's birthday with a family trip to Montana.

“Ben’s been back in touch with his ex-fiancee, Jennifer Lopez,” a source tells Star.

“Jen couldn’t believe that Ben would contact J.Lo – it really sent her into a tailspin.”

The "insider" claims that Jen became suspicious when Ben kept sneaking off during the vacation.

“They were having a blast [on Ben’s birthday in Montana], but Ben kept slipping away to check his phone - and Jen eventually began to wonder who it was he felt compelled to contact so often.”

Because someone getting pissed that their ex is contacting another ex isn't dramatic enough, the imaginary confidant cranks this tale of two Jens up to 11 by claiming that Affleck and Garner were thiiiis close to officially getting back together when Ben got busted:

“Everyone thought she and Ben were on the road to reconciliation," the insider claims.

"But his reaching out to J.Lo made her question what’s really going through Ben’s mind, not to mention his heart.”

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The source went on to say:

"Ben got busted big time exchanging steamy texts with his sexy ex. What do you mean I talk like a tabloid writer? You talk like a tabloid writer!"

He then blew off a smoke bomb and disappeared cackling into the night.

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