Amber Portwood SLAMS Gary Shirley: I'm a WAY Better Parent!

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On last night's episode of Teen Mom OG, Gary Shirley insinuated that Amber Portwood isn't exactly the most competent and responsible mother on the planet.

In fact, he suggested she's incapable of simple tasks like ensuring that 7-year-old Leah brushes her teeth.

In what must have been an embarrassing scene for Amber to watch, the episode featured Gary explaining to Leah that she has to promise to be diligent about her oral hygiene, as her mother isn't up to the task of enforcing rules:

Gary Shirley 2016 VMAs

"It’s hard for me to get her to do those kinds of things,” Shirley said of Amber.

“I remind her and she gets mad at me. I need you to be the big girl and brush your teeth.”

He later explained to his wife:

“It’s very important for her routine to stay consistent and not to stop. Obviously I would love to have Leah with me every single day no matter what, but under these circumstances things don’t work that way.

"I just want to make sure Leah’s safe, Leah is taken care of and Leah’s teeth are getting brushed.”

And the shade throwing didn't stop there.


Gary also expressed his frustration over the fact that Amber would still be unable to take Leah to school, even though her new home would mean a considerably shorter commute.

For obvious reasons, Amber didn't take too kindly to this criticism.

Seemingly to underscore the argument that Amber and Matt Baier are more concerned with living the posh life than with raising Leah, we were treated to yet another scene of the controversial couple splurging in a local furniture store.

Amber clapped back on Twitter after receiving come criticism from fans.

Unfortunately, her response doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense:

“It’s just ridiculous to think I’m incapable of bringing my child to school,” she tweeted.

“I will fight to be the mother I deserve to be.”

Amber Portwood blond

Come again?

Seems like she should be more concerned about being the sort of mother that Leah deserves, don't ya think?

But what do we know?

The weird thing about this situation is that Amber, Gary and Matt were all getting along just last week.

We're guessing that's officially a thing of the past.

Hey, it was fun while it lasted!

Watch Teen Mom online to relive the ups and many, many downs of Amber and Gary's relationship.

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