Amanda Seyfried & Thomas Sadoski: ENGAGED!

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It's only been a year since Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long broke up, but as the poet laureate of the 21st century, Selena Gomez, once told us, the heart wants what it wants.

And in Amanda's case, the heart wanted to move on very quickly with fellow actor Thomas Sadoski.

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Seyfried and Sadoski announced their engagement today.

The couple met while co-starring in the off-Broadway play The Way We Get By.

They'll soon appear on screen together in the upcoming film Last Word.

Most importantly, however, they'll be taking on the roles of man and wife in a little production called life, man!

Sorry, we get a bit carried away sometimes. 

Anyway, it seems Seyfried's not the only one who recently re-entered the single life.

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Sadoski, best known for his television work on series such as Life in Pieces and The Newsroom, got divorced from first wife Kimberly Hope in October of 2015.

Seyfried is perhaps best known for her role as the dim-witted Regina George lackey in Mean Girls.

(And for being one of Lindsay Lohan's non-name co-stars who went on to outshine her in every way. See also: Rachel McAdams, Lizzie Kaplan, the guy who played Aaron Samuels and now hosts a show about cake.)

We think it's safe to say that this year's Mean Girls Appreciation Day will be a very special one for Seyfried.

Hopefully we don't have to tell you the date...

Mean Girls Gif: October 3rd

There's no word on exactly when Sadoski popped the question, but Seyfried was sported rocking what appeared to be an engagement ring earlier this month.

Reps for the actors confirmed their engagement in a statement issued to People magazine this morning.

Our heartfelt congrats go out to both actors.

Sadoski might not even know just what a lucky guy he is.

Seyfried's boobs have magic meteorological powers, which means he can just go ahead and delete the weather app off his phone.

Did we mention we sometimes confuse movies with the real world?

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