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Spencer Morrill and Katy Perry would make a good name for a ship. 

Spaty, anyone?

Spencer thinks he’s engaged to the singing sensation, but why have we never heard his name? 

Spencer Morril Thinks He's Engaged to Katy Perry

Katy is always in the public eye. Whether it’s about her latest single causing a storm in the charts, or Orlando Bloom pointing things at her. 

She’s pretty popular. One man seems to think her whole relationship with Orlando Bloom is a sham, but why would someone think that?

Spencer Morril claims he has been in a relationship with Perry for 6 years, but he’s apparently only spoken to her on the phone once. 

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Sounds like a strong relationship. Right?!

Being in a relationship for that long would require a whole lot of communication, but it sure sounds Morril’s faux relationship with the star was built on text based communication. 

That’s not to say Morril has been lying about the whole thing. He’s not some deranged fan. 

He appeared in a recent episode of MTV’s Catfish to speak about taking the relationship to the next level and had a lot to say about it. 

"I would like to meet face to face and see if there’s a future here," he revealed to Nev and Max. 

He added: "She’s awesome. Katy’s funnier than I am, she’s smarter than I am. I don’t know how many people give her credit for that, but she’s very intelligent. Katy’s full of life, huge heart.”

The thing is, Katie has no idea who the dude is and is much too busy to be messing around with someone behind closed doors. 

Morril even went as far as spending 25 percent of his savings in making an engagement ring for Perry. 

How would you feel if you thought your 6-year relationship was a lie? 

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To be fair, the dude probably had some doubts about the whole thing. The whole not meeting thing would be the deal breaker for anyone else. 

As is the norm with Catfish, Nev and Max set out to find the perpetrator, but things took an interesting turn when the person was from another country. 

United Kingdom, to be precise.

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This must pave the way for some sort of spin-off for the MTV reality series. Catfished: From Across the Atlantic, anyone?

Spencer was quick to rubbish the claims that his gal wasn’t the superstar. 

"We’ve found the person you’ve been talking to beyond really any shred of doubt, and you still want to believe the thing that makes you happier,” Nev told him. "You need to know that you’re not talking to Katy Perry.

The person catfishing was called Harriet and it sounds like she was somewhat apologetic after Nev got annoyed with her.

"And you [Harriet] need to start thinking about the fact that this is the actual human being. As weird and crazy as he might be, he has a heart and was giving it to you 100 percent for six years of his life. For both of you, there’s some self reflection that needs to happen."

"For me it was enjoyable," she said.

"But there’s also that kind of realization that I’ve lost myself in that… I just got to a point to where I couldn’t imagine like not talking to you… I’ve been through some tough times throughout the time we’ve been talking the past six years. Like my dad died two years ago."

"I’m like genuinely sorry," she added.

"I can’t change what I did, but I understand that it was really wrong."

While Spencer said: "I’ll be okay. I’ll be fine. The bad’s in the past. What’s ahead will be good."

That was a surprisingly clean break for the two of them. Spencer took the whole thing pretty well. 

Other people may not have, but alas, they have moved on now. 

Do you think Spencer is partly to blame for being so gullible?

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