Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Who Put a Ring On It?!

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Sunday on Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 3, Matt Baier pulled out all the stops to show Amber that he isn't a total deadbeat asshat.

On last week's Teen Mom OG premiere, it was revealed that Portwood's fiance had even more issues in his past than previously thought.

In addition to the fact that he has between 5-9 kids (it's unclear) we learned that Matt Baier hit on Farrah Abraham before he met Amber.

Farrah told Amber this in a rare "crossover" moment between the OG stars' storylines, and Portwood ultimately called off their wedding.

This week, Baier was in damage control mode.

"She's a habitual line-stepper ... any attention is good attention as far as she's concerned," Matt said, looking to discredit the source.

"She's dead to me right now."

He's not wrong about Abraham's need for attention, and Amber was also annoyed with Farrah, but that wasn't enough to bury this issue.

Considering the fact that she hadn't met Matt's family, Amber said the wedding is still off. For now. He decided to counter that as well.

After introducing Amber to his cousin Michael, who totally won over Amber, she said of her longtime love, "I don't love him for his past."

"I love him for who he is today."

Aww. She conceded that "it's hard for people to comprehend that" given "all of his crazy exes are coming out with these insane stories."

The new engagement ring he got her didn't hurt his efforts to get back into her good books, BTW ... watch Teen Mom OG online to see it!

Farrah Abraham Prom Photo

Elsewhere on Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 3, Farrah visited the grave of her ex-boyfriend (and father of her daughter) Derek Underwood.

They've gone there numerous times over the years, as fans familiar with 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom know very well. But not like this.

"It was one of our best visits out there," Farrah told her mom through happy tears. "This is what I would have been doing if I wasn't me right now."

She has a way with words.

But seriously, "I would have been hopefully married with Derek, with Sophia. All I wanted to do was own my own restaurant and live here."

Maci Bookout Pregnancy Photo

Meanwhile, after Maci Bookout faked her pregnancy reveal last week, she supposedly learned this week that she is five months along.

She and fiance Taylor McKinney found out that they are expecting a boy. The reaction of her infamous ex, cat murdering Ryan Edwards?

"Dang, I thought you was getting fat, I didn't wanna say anything. That's crazy. Well, congratulations again. I feel like I just congratulated you."

"You'll have three kids and you'll still look good."

That kind of emotion brings a tear to your eye.

Maci said of the fact that she's getting knocked up left and right: "I told Taylor, 'At least everyone will know we have a great sex life.'"

True life.

Last but not least, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra got a call from Teresa Davis, the adoptive mother of their biological daughter, Carly.

That's never good, it seems.

The long and short of it: Teresa doesn't want Catelynn or Tyler talking about Carly on MTV, so naturally the two of them did just that.

Catelynn seemed to understand Teresa's concerns, telling her that "my relationship with you comes before my relationship with MTV."

Tyler, on the other hand, was pissed: "This is what I do, I share my life story. I'm sorry, but the kid that you're raising is a part of my story."

"Unfortunately, if that costs me, you know, the ultimate cost, then that's just what it is," he said, not exactly elaborating on what said cost is.

Being cut off from Carly, presumably? Not that he's worried: "If that happens, I'm not gonna have to deal with the hurt and pain."

"They're gonna have to look at their daughter, and look at the hurt and pain in her eyes and explain to her why she's hurting.

"I will never silence what I have to say, and what I feel, and my opinion. It won't happen," he said, perhaps being a little melodramatic.

Just saying.

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