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Things have gone from bad to worse for Rob Kardashian and his pregnant fiancee, Blac Chyna.

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Not only have they been fighting ever since their reality show, Rob & Chyna started filming, but now they’re sleeping in separate bedrooms.

According to Radar Online, Chyna is entering her third trimester, which means that she’s getting more uncomfortable and is likely finding it hard to sleep through the night.

“Blac is getting up several times a night right now and Rob cannot take it anymore," a source told the site.

"Every time she gets up, Rob thinks that something is wrong because he is a total hypochondriac."

All this worrying is really throwing Kardashian off his REM cycle.

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"She is just really pregnant right now and Rob wants his sleep!”

For those of you who haven’t been Keeping Up With Rob Kardashian (I had to), you’re aware that he kind of acts like a baby from time to time.

“Blac Chyna cannot play mommy to Rob right now because the roles have reversed and he is taking care of her,” the source added.

Kardashian reportedly can’t handle this new responsibility, so reinforcements have been called in.

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“The two of them have been arguing and Kris Jenner has had to play mediator on several occasions.

“Kris just tries to console Rob and tells her son that Blac’s attitude is due to hormonal changes and that he needs to give her some slack.”

The child hasn’t even entered this world, and already Jenner has to coach her son on how to handle life.

It might not make for a healthy relationship, but I suppose it does make for excellent TV.

In other Rob vs His Sisters news, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim are pissed at their mother for loaning their little brother money.

"The whole family is sick of him getting bailed out all the time by Kris, mainly because it’s going straight to Blac Chyna and her greedy crew, " another source told Radar.

“Kim and Kourtney are the most infuriated because they feel they’ve achieved great things on their own, whereas Rob’s this lazy leech who’s happy to spend his mom’s hard-earned cash without doing any work himself.

“It makes them sick, but Kris is so soft on Rob and lets him get away with absolute murder.”

What a healthy environment this blessed child will be born into.