Malia Obama Lifts Skirt and Twerks at Lollapalooza

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At the Democratic National Convention last week, Michelle Obama gave a speech that many considered to be a perfect summation of her husband's years in office.

Michelle Obama at the Democratic Convention

A poignant tribute to her family, an apt assessment of the current state of American politics, a possible indication that she'll one day run for office herself ... Michelle's speech had it all and it brought the house down.

Heck, it was such a solid address that we're guessing Melania Trump immediately got to work plagiarizing it. But that's neither here nor there.

Interestingly, Barack and Michelle's 18-year-old daughter Malia spent the weekend marking the end of her father's historic administration in very different, but arguably equally awesome, fashion.

See below:

Yes, that's Malia Obama lifting her skirt and twerking, and yes, we're reporting this from a bunker miles beneath the Earth's crust and awaiting the inevitable drone strike.

With the nation focused on her parents at the DNC, Malia attended the Lollapalooza festival in her native Chicago over the weekend.

If nothing else, we think she may have taken the opportunity to show the world what she plans to do with the rest of her "gap year."

Primarily, she'll be majoring in twerk studies with a minor in turnin' up.

We'd like to be the first to encourage the eldest Obama daughter to keep doing what she's doing.

After eight years of intense public scrutiny and four years at Harvard looming in the distance, this is a girl who needs to take some time and enjoy being 18 for a while.

Based on the video evidence, she doesn't need anyone to show her how that's done:

The footage comes on the heels of reports about Malia drinking and partying on a trip overseas.

So will all of this land her in trouble at home?

Nah. She's legally a grownup, and they call him No-Drama Obama for a reason.

Besides, there are politicians dealing with far more embarrassing behavior from their family members this week.

Hopefully, when her dad gives her a pass, Malia will hit him with the world's first non-ironic "Thanks, Obama!"

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