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The one, the only Kylie Jenner is now 19 years old, officially.

Nineteen isn’t quite the milestone that eighteen was. She has been free to date Tyga and make a legal Kylie Jenner sex tape for 365 days.

She certainly made age 18 count, rising from up-and-coming star to super-celebrity status, dominating social media with every move.

And you. What did YOU do in the past year?

Probably not a whole lot in comparison to the teenage mogul, who racked up tens of millions. But you are free to ogle these hot pics.

Many of which were taken when she was under 18, or even under 17, so it’s still kind of creepy if you think about it, but, what can you do.

Legal is as legal does. And she clearly wanted fans to drool over her rapidly transforming body from the very beginning, so just go with it.

Sixty-nine times over.