Tyga: Kylie Jenner Sex Tape Will Put Mimi Faust, Nikko Smith to SHAME!

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She's been 18 years old for all of eight days, but already, the inevitable Kylie Jenner sex tape offers are rolling in, and lucratively at that.

Kylie has reportedly been offered up to $10 MILLION for a raunchy sex romp - provided Tyga can last 22 minutes - and he is all for it.

In fact, Tyga reportedly believes a potential Kylie Jenner sex tape - which, in theory, he will star in - will be so hot. Like, hotter than hot.

So hot, Mimi Faust, Nikko Smith and their shower rod will bow down to Kyga's hotness, because their effort will suddenly look tame!

Kylie Jenner and Tyga on Her Birthday

According to an insider over at Hollywood Life, which is really going the extra mile with their investigative reporting these days:

“Tyga would knock Kylie out of the park in this sex tape and it would be wilder than Mimi and Nikko’s. Sure, that shower scene was cool."

"But Tyga’s got bigger ideas than that. He’s talking about getting it started in the back of the Rolls. Then he wants to continue it."

How? "By making Kylie a member of the mile high club and get down, in flight, on the G-5!" Oh, and that's not even the half of it:

"Instead of using that pull out bed on the G5, he would make his own 'mattress' using a half of million dollars in $100 bills."

"That’s the type of high-status tape Tyga’s talking about," the source says. "This wouldn’t be an average shower or bedroom scene.”

Where he came up with half a million (why not a whole million?!) and why they won't be banging in her new Ferrari, we cannot say.

In any case, one of her family members is staunchly opposed to this idea, but not for reasons you would consider virtuous or admirable.

Kim Kardashian reportedly “doesn’t want to be outdone,” and thinks a sex tape would “catapult Kylie into a different stratosphere of fame."

We can actually see her saying that, too, even though she most likely has not done so. As for Mimi and Nikko's reaction to this boast?

Maybe they'll up the ante next season on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, because Tyga's idea truly would raise the bar. Or shower rod if you will.

If nothing else, Nikko should hire the rapper to direct the sequel to the Mimi Faust sex tape if Kylie isn't down. How ironic would that be?

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