JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers: Officially Living Together!

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The Bachelorette winners JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers just took a big step in their much-watched relationship - they're moving in together!

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Instagram Pic

Almost two weeks after going public with their engagement after The Bachelorette season finale, JoRo has officially moved in with JoJo.

On Wednesday, the happy duo packed up and made their way to their new Dallas home, documenting the entire road trip on Snapchat.

For all the talk, the rumors and The Bachelorette spoilers predicting their imminent demise, they sure seem happy together thus far.

JoJo, 25, said they're just "really excited to start a life together."

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Instagram Image

"We have a house, we want to get some furniture and get settled," said Rodgers, 27, who moved to be with JoJo from Nashville, Tenn.

"We're just excited to be together and be able to show our relationship to people who haven't been able to see it," Fletcher points out.

Why they feel they have to show their relationship to the public anymore than they already have, we don't know, but they sure are happy.

So happy, in fact, that Rodgers said on Snapchat how he cannot wait to meet his "first child" with his beautiful fiancee ... so to speak.

That would be "my baby dog Jackson!" explained Fletcher.

Jordan Rodgers Bites (JoJo Fletcher)

The meeting was just as sweet as you'd think.

Maybe even more so, to tell you the truth.

"Jackson didn't recognize his father at first ... now he does," Rodgers joked, adding that besides Jackson, he just wants to be alone with JoJo.

Not in a suggestive sounding way (though we're sure they are into that idea as well), but just to spend quality time OUT of the spotlight.

"It's been hard," Fletcher admits to People.

Jordan and JoJo: So in Love!

"As great as it's been, it's also been very difficult so we just want to take that time to decompress and be ourselves. But I know he's ready."

How sure is she? Jordan sounds totes in live:

"He's trying to elope like every other day!"

While eloping isn't happening anytime soon, or at all, the two are "actively" talking about setting a wedding date sooner rather than later.

"It's 2017," Fletcher said, adding that there's no date set in stone yet, but "we're so excited [even if] planning a wedding is very complicated!"

Jordan Proposes to JoJo!

The bottom line going forward is that "I'm ready for a sense of normalcy," Rodgers said, and that means just experiencing real life.

Jordan adds, "we want to get into a routine with each other."

"Getting into one place, moving in ... I just can't wait to go furniture shopping and grocery shopping. I love that. I'm so all about that."

Who doesn't love furniture and grocery shopping, right?!

"I'm looking forward to getting settled in Dallas. Once we're settled and we have furniture to sit on, we'll sit down and figure it out."

As far as starting a family with the love of her life and welcoming an actual human baby (no offense, Jackson) to the JoJo-JoRo mix?

Someday ... but one step at a time, alright? Yeesh.

"Pump the brakes!" Fletcher said, laughing.

"Absolutely, I want kids. I need a couple of years at least. I'm thinking five years. Like [when I turn] 30 that would be great!"

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