Famously Single Recap: Crumbling Relationships

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It's always odd to watch a relationship in a reality TV show when you know that the couple are now apart.

Aubrey O'Day and Pauly D's relationship may be over, but Aubrey had some things to say about their first time having sex. 

Famously Single Finale

She revealed to the ladies that they had sex and that the Jersey Shore star has a piercing downstairs. 

That's quite a lot to reveal about someone to your friends. Right?!

At a group session, Aubrey even opened up to the idea of having babies with Pauly. 

Was she moving way too fast?

Jump ahead six months and Darcy went to visit the couple to find out how things were going. 

They appeared to be good. 

There didn't appear to be any sign of them breaking up. 

Either they can put on a good show for the cameras, or they just needed a break from one another. 

When they split up, it was revealed that there was a chance they could get back together. 

With Aubrey flaunting her celebrity status on Celebrity Big Brother, we'll need to wait to find out what happens. 

Things weren't quite as rosy for Calum and Brandi. 

These two tend to get along very well until alcohol is involved. 

At a party, Brandi turned to the camera and basically called Calum trash and said that she didn't believe he would contact her when the whole experience came to an end. 

Calum was furious and lashed out at Brandi in a crazy rant. 

Back at the house, Calum decided to annoy Brandi by hitting on her friend. 

That was the final straw for Brandi, who swore at Calum. 

What a way to end their relationship!

That's a wrap on Famously Single!

What did you think of all the drama?

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