Donald Trump Just Called Jessica Biel Ugly

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Over the course of his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump has slammed immigrants.

And women. And the parents of a dead U.S. soldier. And even that one baby.

But now the controversial real estate magnate has set his insulting sights on... Jessica Biel?!?

Donald Trump in Ohio

It certainly seems that way.

While giving a speech in Tampa on Wednesday, Trump once again praised the size of his hands crowds.

This is a popular talking point for the Republican nominee, who seems to think the number of people at his rallies are more important than the number of people responding to national polls.

Trump thinks he has a far more passionate and dedicated fan base than Hillary Clinton, saying the following in front of thousands of fans yesterday:

“The only enthusiastic supporters of her campaign are Hollywood celebrities, in many cases celebrities that aren’t very hot anymore."

Donald Trump in Akron

This could be a reference to nearly anyone in Hollywood, considering Clinton has a far larger base of famous followers than Trump.

(Just consider Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr. as the two best known celebrities to speak on stage at the Republican National Convention... versus Meryl Streep and Eva Longoria, among others, at the DNC.)

However, Trump uttered these seemingly random words a day after Clinton attended a fundraiser at the home of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

She posed there for a couple of photos that have gone viral.

In the first, Clinton is making very silly faces alongside the host and hostess:

Hillary Clinton, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

This would indicate that Trump is specifically throwing shade at Biel, who was at one time considered to be a top Hollywood hottie.

She's taken a few big steps away from the spotlight in recent years, partly to raise her first child.

You simply don't see Jessica Biel posing in Maxim or in a bathroom sink anymore, which is more a sign of her maturity than of her declining looks.

But try telling that to Donald Trump.

Clinton also posed at this same event with Jennifer Aniston, as you can see below:

Hillary Clinton and Famous Friends

Aniston is another candidate for Trump's wrath.

Similar to Biel, many idiots out there would say her most gorgeous days are behind her.

Back during her Friends prime, Aniston was among the most talked-about actresses on the planet.

Then again, Aniston was also named the Most Beautiful Woman in the universe just a few months ago.

That's why we're going with Biel. We think Trump was referring to Biel here.

Other famous people who have publicly thrown their support behind Clinton include Alicia Keys, Lena Dunham, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Cher, Demi Lovato Jamie Foxx, Kim Kardashian and George Clooney.

Trump is basically saying that Baio is better looking than all of them.

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