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Chris Brown is not having the best day of his life. 

We reported earlier today that the cops were called on the singer after he waved a gun at a female. 

The female, who we’re now hearing is a beauty pageant winner, called the cops on Brown. 

Chris Brown Performs Wows the Crowd Concert in Oslo

Sadly, things only got more sinister from there and more details are gradually being released about what went down. 

There were a group of people at the home in L.A, but things went awry while Ray J was getting a tattoo. 

Some uninvited guests appeared and refused to leave. This caused Brown to wave a gun around as the police were called. 

Ray J then tried to leave, but was stopped at the edge of the driveway by police, who cuffed him. Upon checking his identification, he was set released, but his car was detained. 

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Poor Ray had to get an Uber away from the scene. Does it get any classier than that?

The police have been at the scene since 3 AM, but they’re struggling to get in contact with Chris, who is not answering the door. 

He did throw a duffel bag out a window, which reportedly had weapons and drugs. 

There’s even reports he taunted the officers on the scene, telling them to go and get him. 

Brown has been active on Instagram throughout the standoff, but he doesn’t look as though he is in the best frame of mind. 

Police are allegedly trying to get a search warrant for the home, so they can go in and search it. 

A video posted by 1 YOU ❤️ 2 HATE (@chrisbrownofficial) on

All of these developments are pretty crazy. 

It’s went from waving a gun to a full blown and standoff.

What do you think of all the latest information on this?

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