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Watching JoJo Fletcher get engaged to Jordan Rodgers last night on the season finale of The Bachelorette, all we could think of was:

What does Aaron Rodgers think about all this?!

JoJo Said Yes!

While we’ve heard Aaron Rodgers comment, basically via "no comment," last night was Jordan’s first night in public with his new fiancee.

In other words, the first time someone could hit Aaron’s little brother with the million-dollar question of what the hell is up between them.

It’s been a weird confluence of factors for weeks: Jordan’s lack of relationship with Aaron has become a major focal point of his story.

This has been the case on and off the reality show on which he’s starring … and he seems incredibly uncomfortable talking about it.

They don’t speak (the last known photo of them together, below, is 4-5 years old and also features Kevin from The Office for some reason).

Jordan simultaneously loves the position he’s in, and attention he gets, from being Aaron’s brother, yet wishes he weren’t at the same time.

In a way, it’s the perfect contradiction, and summation of the season:

Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Rodgers, Friends

From the onset, JoJo seemed both intensely drawn to and turned off by Jordan, fittingly the subject of major tabloid speculation throughout.

The handsome, smooth-talking jock, Jordan was an early favorite.

But … he was also the bad boy that the other guys loved to hate, whose ex put him on blast, and whose famous brother won’t talk to him.

Despite a late charge by Robby Hayes – whose downfall may be that he shares many of Jordan’s bad boy qualifies – JoJo picked Rodgers.

Is she now regretting it? She’s putting on a good front, but …

On the After the Final Rose special airing immediately after the finale, Fletcher spoke about the hard times she and Jordan have endured.

Facing claims from tabloids that couldn’t be refuted without giving away The Bachelorette spoilers, JoJo and JoRo were in a tough spot.

They were not, however, in a new one whatsoever.

This happens every season, it’s just that Jordan Rodgers’ personal drama is SO BAD that it became a national story in and of itself.

If anything, the fact that they’re struggling with it is either an indication of that, or the relative strength of their relationship (or lack thereof).

But we digress. Back to the subject at hand here:

Regardless of how long for this world these two hotties may be as the franchise’s new Golden Couple, host Chris Harrison finally went there.

“About the rift with your brother Aaron, has anything come of that?” Harrison said, putting it all out there point blank as Jordan squirmed.

JoJo and Jordan: The First Interview

As you can see above, their faces said it all.

Jordan tried to dodge the subject, which he clearly doesn’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole, talking about how he’s moving to Dallas for JoJo! 

Pressed a second time, a visibly awkward JoJo shot daggers at Harrison with her eyes and said simply, “It’s not the focus for us right now."

And there you have it. It being jack s–t.

Why did JoJo pick Jordan Rodgers (hopefully not for the Packers tickets)? Will the love these two share last a lifetime, or fizzle fast?

And … again, what in the heck played out between Jordan and Aaron Rodgers, and what does the Super Bowl MVP think of all this?