Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus: Feud Gets WORSE Between The Voice Co-Stars!

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Miley Cyrus may be new to The Voice team, but she's reportedly behaving as though she's been on the NBC hit show since day 1.

Stories about on-set tensions have run rampant. For months.

A supposed feud between Cyrus and veteran Adam Levine has roiled production pretty much ever since Miley joined the show in April.

It's not just the requisite gossip this time, though.

The Voice 8.21.16 Blind Auditions.

Now, a production source tells celebrity gossip website Radar Online, things are quickly going from bad to worse.

"Adam and Miley are at each other’s throats this season and Adam acts like he cannot stand her,” the source said.

“He does not talk to her when the cameras are not rolling, and seems like he really wants nothing to do with her.”

What makes this feud unique? The source says:

“Miley showed up like she owned the place and Adam seems just really tired of her interjecting every single time he is speaking!” 

His three Voice titles do speak for themselves ...

Adam Levine

And even though Alicia Keys is also a new addition, she's formed an alliance with Levine, leaving Cyrus on the outs.

“Alicia has taken Adam’s side in his stance against Miley,” the source added, in what doesn't sound like a middle school beef whatsoever.

“They have kind of made a pact to help each other out and side with each other to make sure that Team Miley does NOT win this season!”

If they really did that, you almost have to give them credit for how juvenile it is ... and hope they follow through with some epic subterfuge.

The Voice Season 11 Panel

Back in April, Us Weekly reported on the same thing, pointing out that both parties basically act like children. 

"They both have short attention spans. They find each other annoying," a source told the celebrity news magazine.

"Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him, and she enjoyed getting under his skin.”

Levine was rumored to have a fairly tumultuous relationship with his old co-star, Christina Aguilera, but the two have since buried the hatchet.

Miley Cyrus, The Voice Promo Pic

And of course, there's Levine's buddy, Blake Shelton, who just wants everyone to have a good time.

Shelton told Chelsea Handler earlier this summer that although he didn't know Cyrus well, he does know her dad, Billy Ray.

He won't hesitate to play that card, either!

"I've known her dad for years, and so it's like ... 'I'm gonna call your dad! I will tell your dad what an a**hole you're being right now."

"So you better settle down, missy!'"

YA BURNT, Miley. Also, you're grounded.

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