Stephen Amell to Internet Troll: My Marriage is Real! You're Awful!

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Stephen Amell is not impressed with an internet troll who made claims that his marriage was a sham. 

Being in the spotlight, there's always going to be rumors about your personal life, but one fan just seemed to take it a little too far

Stephen Amell At Philadelphia Comic Con 2016

If you're a fan of the 35-year-old Arrow star, then you probably know he is constantly on social media interacting with his fans. 

He's constantly on live video streams chatting about his upcoming projects, but some fans seem to be a little too interested in his personal life. 

Amell tends to avoid questions regarding his family and tries to keep things strictly professional. 

One fan has decided that Amell's marriage to his wife, Cassandra Jean is totally fake. 

It's bad enough writing a one remark about it, but the troll has been using a fake Instagram handle, "@fakemarriage."

This all started three-weeks-ago and the theories have been hitting new levels of crazy. 

The perpetrator didn't even think to check their posts for errors, so we apologize if you struggle to understand what this message means. 

“The people on the precious facebook of the Stephen finally said some truth for him but this is so good because now him notice it everyone can see it this marriage it’s over and fake and no love and the best of this all it’s him try fixed the mess calling for precious wife and said for her going to vancouver but now everyone know’s it her just going because someone commented as bad wife she is… like someone said on facebook ‘why you still married @stephenamell?'”

It's tough to decode. Right?!

Basically the message is saying that his marriage is fake and Cassandra isn't good for him. It's pretty sad. 

The thing that made the message worse is that Stephen and Cassandra weren't the only people tagged in it. 

Their friends were thrown in just so there was a higher likelihood that the Arrow star would take notice of it. 

He did and he was not amused. 

The troll shared a link to the Instagram post on Twitter and Amell was quick to fire back with a tweet of his own.

“You’re an awful person. Please delete your account. Or maybe unfollow me. Or watch Notting Hill. Thanks!”

Stephen's response was welcomed with open arms by his true fans who were quick to jump to his defense. 

What do you think about all of this?

Was Stephen right to reply to the person?

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