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It happened, Pretty Little Liars fans.

It really happened on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3.

Aria and Hanna

We got an actual answer!

In a truly shocking twist, viewers discovered on Tuesday night the identity of the person the gals were burying on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 1.

Got a drum roll handy?

The answer is… Elliott!

As it turns out, this lover of latex was mowed down by Hannah as she and her friends searched through the woods for Allison… who had just escaped from her captor’s clutches.

Was anyone surprised by this reveal? Disappointed? Elated?

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3 Online
Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3 Online

On the relationship front, Caleb tried his hardest to convince Spencer she really is The One.

Yes, he’ll always have feelings of some kind for Hanna, but Spencer is the person he wants to be with.

It wasn’t the most romantic speech in history and it didn’t win Spencer over.

Oh, and Toby is engaged to Yvonne!

Emily, meanwhile, kept us entertained via her bartending gig at Radley.

She initially got turned down by Sabrina, only to later land a date after opening way up about her life.

Do Emily and Sabrina have a real future together? We all know Paige is on her way back into the picture, so we’re gonna go ahead and just say no to the that question.

The biggest clue from the hour involved Aria and Hanna driving out of town to learn more about Elliott.

Once in Amish Country, they met a young girl named Eliza. She showed them the dolls given to her by Charlotte.

Naturally, these dolls were named Aria, Emily, Hanna, Ali and Emily.

As they played with the creepy toys, Eliza told Aria and Hanna that she witnessed Elliott and Charlotte kissing once.

At the property owner’s sudden request, our two heroines started to leave …when Hanna noticed a cattle prod and realized it was the same weapon her kidnapper used on her.


Aria stared at the prod with a horrified look on her face and vowed:

“Elliott will pay for what he did to you.”