Kylie Jenner: Stealing Kim Kardashian's Swimsuit Selfie Shine?!

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We hope you're sitting down, because we're about to Danza slap you with news that will rock you to your very core:

Kylie Jenner took a bikini selfie and posted it on social media.

Kylie Jenner Is in a Bikini Again

There's a good chance you're saying to yourself, "Doesn't Kylie Jenner post a bikini pic like every day?"

To which we say, we hope you're not in an office cubicle or bathroom stall, because anyone who overheard you just now probably has some serious concerns.

More to the point:

Yes, Kylie is semi-nude on Instagram on a regular basis, but this time it's different.

Ever so slightly different, but different nonetheless.

For one thing, the lighting and the quality of the photo absolutely suck.

What is she paying for film?

Kylie, we all carry high-res digital cameras in our pockets at all times now.

You can keep taking pics until you get one that looks good.

Anyway, the real reason people are taking notice of this pic is that some believe it's Kylie's way of competing with Kim Kardashian's latest cleavage selfie.

Kim Kardashian in One Piece Swimsuit

Kylie's post went up just hours after Kim's boob-tacular swimsuit pic, and many believe it's the latest salvo in the low-key, but never-ending feud between the sisters.

Next to Kim, Kylie is the most popular member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and she's made no secret of the fact that she's gunning for that number one spot.

So it's entirely possible that Kylie posted her latest selfie in response to Kim's attention-grabbing pic.

But it's equally possible that she took a bikini selfie because yesterday was a day that ended in "y."

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