Kylie Jenner Promotes Swimwear Line With Crazy Cleavage! Where Did THOSE Come From?!

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We're gonna need you to stop working, reading election coverage, trying to figure out who "Becky With the Good Hair" is, or whatever else it is you're wasting your time with, because we have some urgent, breaking news that's sure to rock your world:

Kylie Jenner is in a bikini on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner Takes Another Bikini Selfie

But not just any bikini, mind you.

No, Kylie is rocking her an item from the swimwear line that she designed (Read: paid someone to design) along with her sister Kendall.

Did Kendall and Kylie spend any long nights arguing over designs with pencils stuck behind their ears to get these suits to Top Shop on time?

Hell, no. But their names all over the waistband and the girls are willing to rock the suits on Instagram, so the stores will be able to charge five times what they normally would.

And in the end, isn't that all that matters?

Speaking of things that were purchased at hefty price, is it just us, or are Kylie's boobs looking bigger than ever these days?

Kylie has repeatedly claimed that her temporary lip fillers are the full extent of her cosmetic work, but we're just not buying it.

It's one thing for half-sisters to bear some resemblance to one another but Kylie has completely transformed into Kim Kardashian over the past couple years, and we're not buying her explanation that it's all because of puberty.

Don't get us wrong, she obviously shelled out for top-quality work, but that is a girl who's been under the knife on more than one occasion.

The problem isn't that she's had a lot of work, done it's that she claims she hasn't, which sets an unrealistic beauty standard for her young fans, many of whom...

Eh, forget it. We've had this conversation a million times.

Let's just all marvel at the prefect tautness of Kylie's abs.

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