Jenelle Evans: I'm Not Pregnant OR on Drugs!

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Over the past few weeks, there have been rumors that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her third child, rumors that she's back on drugs, and rumors that she's engaged to David Eason.

Jenelle never keeps quiet for long, so we knew she'd come forward and spill the tea eventually. We just didn't realize there would be actual tea involved.

Jenelle Evans Sells the Tea

Jenelle posted the above photo over the weekend along with the following caption:

"Drinking the @flattummytea detox before my morning workouts has been boosting my energy! I've been busy all day & not once have I felt groggy. This gives me the energy I NEED! My body is feeling & looking great, no more bloating. More pics to come..."

Okay, so obviously, as with Kailyn Lowry and her waist trainer, this is a paid endorsement situation, but in Jenelle's case it's something more.

Quite cleverly, the 24-year-old mother of two is taking the opportunity to make some cash and set the record straight at the same time.

Rumors of Jenelle's pregnancy bizarrely coincided with rumors that she's back on drugs.

Basically, fans were convinced that something about Jenelle's body was changing, so what better way to acknowledge here recent weight loss and quash the reports than by giving credit to a company that's willing to pay for the privilege?

In addition to the Instagram pic, Jenelle posted the following on Twitter, denying her pregnancy and calling out The Ashley's Reality Roundup for allegedly starting the rumor: 

“I just wanted to put it out there and since Ashley never spoke to me direct or my team on the ‘exclusive’ you’re wrong ! I am NOT pregnant and if I were I wouldn’t be afraid or scared to tell you ‘my fans’ who support me.

"But hey if this story gets you attention have a good weekend :) and enjoy the attention ! #lies #whywouldilie#ashleyslying“

It's one of Jenelle's signture Palin-esque word salads, but we're pretty sure there's a valid point in there somewhere.

After all, why would she lie about being pregnant again?

Actually, we take that back.

It would be a valid point if Jenelle's actions were ever governed by logic or reason.

We don't know what she would stand to gain by denying that she's knocked up, but then again, we don't know why Jenelle does half the crap she does.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Ms. Evans' many years of baffling behavior.

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