Ireland Baldwin: COMPLETELY Naked on Instagram!

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We don't know much about what Ireland Baldwin's been up to since leaving rehab back in May of 2015.

In fact, the formerly attention-loving daughter of rage-fueled actor Alec Baldwin has even made her Instagram private - but somehow, pics like this one keeping making their way to the public:

Ireland Baldwin Naked Photo

Yes, last month gave us Ireland topless, this month she's completely naked.

Clearly, the pic is from a professional photoshoot, but Baldwin didn't offer any hints as to the nature of the project she's working on.

Whatever the case, the girl clearly hasn't slacked in her fitness regimen.

Like we said, details of her personal life are tough to find these days, but accounts concur that after that rough patch last year, Ireland is happy, healthy, and working steadily.

Apparently there's a member of the Baldwin family who doesn't live a steady diet of violent insanity.

Good to know.

Back when she was briefly a tabloid staple, Ireland was dating Angel Haze, but that relationship appears to have fizzled.

As far as we can tell she's single these days, but we wouldn't want you to go and get your hopes up.

Ireland is notoriously picky about who she allows to follow her on social media, so we can't imagine how hard it is to get her number.

Plus what if her dad reads one of your texts and Hulks out.

You don't want your last words to be "u up?"

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