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Last month, Ireland Baldwin checked into rehab for “emotional trauma,” which we imagine is just a natural consequence of being raised by Alec Baldwin.

Now, after three weeks of talking out her issues and being harassed by Andy Dick, Ireland has left the treatment facility much sooner than expected.

She’s also considerably less blonde than expected:

Ireland Baldwin Brunette Photo

The photo above was taken on Ireland’s last day of treatment, and sources at the facility where she was living say her return to selfie-snapping was taken by some as a troubling sign.

“Prior to leaving, Ireland told people that she was ‘just not feeling it anymore,”’ one insider tells Radar Online. “At the end of the week, she was starting to act like she did when she came in and had seemed more into taking photos of herself and being on her phone than she was into participating in the program.

“Other patients felt like she was getting special treatment and started to express their concerns to the staff.”

The decision to leave treatment came almost immediately after Ireland agreed to stay in rehab for at least a month. 

As for her decision to darken her trademark blonde locks, we’re sure it represents the ways in which she’s changed as a person in the past three weeks, or some such nonsense.

So we guess if Ireland goes back to blonde, you can assume that she’s emotionally traumatized again.