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Remember Ireland Baldwin? 

The daughter of actor/madman Alec Baldwin was a "thing" on social media for a while, thanks in no small part to photos like this:

Ireland Baldwin Nude

Last year, Ireland went to rehab for what she described as emotional issues.

Sources say that after a number of unsettling episodes, she recovered nicely, but only after being harassed by Andy Dick, which is literally the worst thing that can happen to a person.

With dudes like Alec and Andy in her life, it’s not surprising that Ireland was all set on the human race for a while.

So she stopped posing and posting on social media for several months, much to the chagrin of pervs everywhere.

So you can imagine our surprise to this racy pic of Ms. Baldwin making the rounds online today:

Ireland Baldwin Topless Image
Photo via Instagram

Yes, Northern Ireland is as beautiful as we’d imagined.

She’s still rocking the same shade of brunette as the last time we saw her.

But we’re pretty sure the bunny ears are new.

As you can see, Ireland appears to be backstage somewhere.

We wish we had more information than that, but this thing is floating around sans caption.

The best we can do is take a shot in the dark and assume, based on her Aladdin Sane tatt, that she’s starring some sort of topless Playboy bunny David Bowie revue.

Aw, now we’re all depressed that that’s probably not a thing that will ever exist.