Famously Single Recap: Red Flags for Pauly D

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Who knew that some tarot cards could cause such a huge amount of drama?

We started things off with Jessica reading tarot cards to Pauly, before dropping the bombshell that there could be another woman in his life. 

Famously Single Season 1 Episode 6

This sent Aubrey into a frenzy. She didn't know what it meant, but was convinced the cards were true. 

All of the drama confirmed Pauly's worst fears that there are just too many red flags surrounding his relationship with Aubrey. 

There seems to be a new drama every single day and that's not good for the longevity of any relationship. 

Aubrey then had a meeting with Darcy and confirmed that her feelings for Pauly are real. 

She also let rip that she's falling for him. 

Any eagle eyed person watching the show already knew that, but Aubrey seemed pretty genuine when she said it. 

Pauly spoke to Aubrey afterwards about the lack of sex between them and made it clear that he's enjoying the feeling about the situation and doesn't want to move into things too quickly.

Elsewhere, Jessica and Somaya had a chat about Willis. 

This time they were fully clothed and there was no bathtub in sight. 

Jessica was curious about pursuing a relationship with Willis, but Somaya shut it down and told her it wouldn't work. 

Wait... is Somaya jealous at the thought of Jessica being in a relationship? The two of them sure have a lot of chemistry. 

Jessica went one step further and confirmed she masturbated while thinking of Willis. 

It's all pretty out there, but Jessica does not mind sharing her thoughts on her love life. 

Finally, Brandi realized that her relationship with Calum would never work. 

The two of them just can't seem to catch a break and should just give up pursuing their relationship. 

As soon as alcohol is in the mix, that's when things change for them. 

Will they beat the odds and become a couple?

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