Famously Single Recap: More Drama In The House!

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Blind dating has got to be one of the most riskiest ways to date. You really don't know who you're being paired up with. 

For the residents of the house on Famously Single, they had to wear glasses to have them completely blind. 

Famously Single Aubrey

That blindness didn't extend to their dates. Yes, they had to rely on talking to their date in order to get to know them. 

It would be a daunting experience for anyone, but Aubrey just takes things to a whole new level. 

Why is she still on the show if she doesn't want to participate in anything if it doesn't include being with Pauly? 

Pauly is a really good guy, but Aubrey is already coming across as really possessive of him and that's not a good trait to have. 

We do know they're still together since filming on the show concluded, so maybe they worked through Aubrey's trust issues. 

It obviously helped things that Pauly chose to date Aubrey over pursuing a date with any of the girls he met. 

The same can't be said for Calum. He pledged allegiance to Brandi at the top of the hour on a date with her. 

Then, he went and ditched Brandi in order to go on a date with Christina. In a very rare occurrence, Aubrey spoke positively of Brandi. 

She noted that Brandi had every right to be pissed about the whole thing. Why would Calum want to go on a date if he was really into Brandi?

Brandi then exploded at Calum about leaving her as a back up plan, and Calum tried to imply that Brandi is the one in the wrong. 

She really wasn't. 

Elsewhere, Josh finally found a girl that ticked all the boxes for him. It may have seemed impossible, but he does have a type. 

Darcy and the rest of the house were shocked to the core that he actually found someone. He sure had lofty demands for someone who struggled to date. Right?!

Things are definitely heating up in the house. It's getting to the stage that everyone isn't scared to air their feelings. 

They all know each other pretty well. 

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