Animal Shelter Dreams Up Pokemon Go Idea, Restores Faith In Humanity

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Perhaps this game isn't a complete waste of time, after all.

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After reading that Pokemon go characters were located at places like Auschwitz and Arlington National Cemetery, it's refreshing to learn that some people are putting the game to good use.

The Muncie Animal Shelter in Muncie, Indiana came up with the idea to enlist players to help walk dogs while they chase after gas-burping purple creatures and the like.

And so, every Tuesday Morning volunteers can take part in "Pokemon Dogs."

The shelter's director, Phil Peckinpaugh, told ABC News that he came up with the idea after watching his 6-year-old daughter, Ruthie and his 7-year-old nephew play the popular game.

"I started playing with Ruthie, and it was actually pretty fun," Peckinpaugh said.

"Then the other day, while on my way to work, I noticed droves of young people walking around playing this game. I thought, 'Wouldn't it be great if all those people were walking with our dogs?'"

Peckinpaugh designed a flyer incorporating characters from the game and posted it to the shelter's Facebook page.

Muncie Animal Shelter Pokemon Go

So far, the ad has received over 27,000 shares and over 1,000 comments.

"There's been an incredible response, and it's just kind of taken off," Peckinpaugh said. "We even had to go and buy more leashes this morning."

Those who left comments on the Facebook post encouraged their local shelters to do the same.

"Wow! Very impressed with this idea!" One person wrote.  "What a great way to combine good fun with good citizenship!"

"IM DOING THIS ON FRIDAY" another wrote enthusiastically.

The hope, obviously, is that some of these volunteers will want to recruit the dogs as their Pokemon Go teammate/forever fur child.

"Maybe you even fall in love and come back and adopt that dog one day," Peckinpaugh said.

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