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It’s safe to say that Yolanda Foster is taking full advantage of this warm weather.

And it’s also safe to say that many men around the Internet are glad she’s doing so.

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As those who watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online are well aware of, the 52-year old is quite proud of her body.

And she’s been making everyone else aware of this fact over the last couple days by sharing multiple snapshots of herself in a two-piece.

Earlier this week, Foster posted a revealing photo from Tahiti, where she and her family are clearly enjoying some fun in the sun.

"Body Scrub, Body Care………. #NaturalHealing #Tahiti #Summer," she wrote as a caption to the following image.

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Now, Foster has followed up that bikini-based pose with another one.

Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with Love, Grace and Gratitude………. #Healing #RainyDay in #Paradise," Foster penned as a message alongside the first picture featured above.

The reality star has definitely earned this relaxing break.

In December, Foster split from her husband, David Foster, while she has continued to publicly battle Lyme disease.

Her children, Bella and Anwar Hadid, have also been diagnosed with the tick-born illness. (Foster is also the mom of model Gigi Hadid, but she seems to be clear and free right now.)

But Foster is letting any of that get her down at the moment.

"Looking into a happy & healthy future, never looking back……… #IslandLife #Intentions #MagicMorning," she wrote as a caption to the following photo:

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Looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

If you’ll excuse us, we need to go book ourselves a vacation to Tahiti.