Taylor Swift: Instagram Photo Sparks Butt Implant Rumors

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For reasons that defy explanation and yet somehow make perfect sense, the Internet is obsessed with Taylor Swift's butt.

Taylor Swift: Butt Implant Photo?

In a way, it's not terribly surprising, as the social media world is more fixated on asses than Sir Mix-a-Lot at a Kardashian family reunion.

At the same time, however, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, as it's not like Taylor accentuates her booty in her clothing, photographs or performances.

Her butt isn't the "It" in "Shake It Off."

Unfortunately, the Internet is a ravenous beast that feeds on posteriors and speculation about celebrity plastic surgery, so the Taylor Swift butt implant rumors surface like clockwork every month or so.

We'd say they're like a full moon, but that analogy seems weird in this context.

Anyway, June's installment of Taylor Swift's Ass: What's Goin' On There? comes to you from the unlikely source of Lil Romeo's Instagram page.

Taylor Swift Ass Photo

Remember Lil Romeo? Yeah, we really don't either.

Regardless, it seems he's still enough of a thing that he spends time hanging with A-listers like Taylor and Selena Gomez.

The Miniscule Montague posted the above photo last night, and it's got the Internet buzzing for reasons that have nothing to do with revelation that homey is still semi-relevant.

As you may have guessed, the majority of the comments on Romeo's latest post have to do with Taylor's suddenly-swole booty.

In the past we've heard rumors about Swift doing squats to enlarge her backside, but it looks like she's now privy to whatever magical exercises Khloe Kardashian did to give herself a Kim-like ass.

Maybe it's just the angle.

Or maybe, as many fans seem to suspect, Taylor has received some surgical assistance.

Either way, the Swift-butt Veterans For Truth now have even more fuel for their conspiracy fire.

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